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Farmed salmon a greater danger to wild stocks than believed

June 15, 2009
steelhead salmon

Stealhead salmon en route to their spawning grounds. (Photo: John McMillan)

ScienceDaily – Steelhead trout that are originally bred in hatcheries are so genetically impaired that, even if they survive and reproduce in the wild, their offspring will also be significantly less successful at reproducing, according to a new study. Full story


California game fish face extinction

November 20, 2008
Seventeen species of California game fish face “poor chances of survival” and three species of salmon face “very poor chances of survival” according to a report just issued by fish advocacy group California Trout. The report’s findings were the lead story in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

The damming of the state’s waterways and global warming are two of the factors that threaten the fish, and chances are good they may be extinct before the century’s end, says the report.

“Our fish need cold, clean water to survive, but they’re getting less and less of it,” said Peter Moyle, author of the study and a professor of conservation biology at UC Davis. “Dams block access. Climate change is now looming to exacerbate the threat, and it increases the urgency. All of these things are pushing our fish toward extinction.”

California’s recreational fishing industry is worth $2 billion to the state’s economy, according to another study published earlier this year by California Trout, and each salmon caught in the dammed Klamath River could be worth $200 to the local economy. (Full story)

Encouraging news for West Coast salmon

November 1, 2008

It’s not an end to the disaster of this year’s closure of the West Coast salmon fisheries, but it’s an encouraging sign.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported today that a small, but healthy community of coho salmon have been found in the Garcia River watershed in Mendocino County, California. The coho, the core of the Alaskan salmon fishery, is endangered here in California although it was once enjoyed an abundant presence. Even more significant, however, is that the Garcia River watershed has been clear cut not once, but twice, and is now part of a cutting edge experiment by the Nature Conservancy and the Conservation Fund to find ways to promote natural development while permitting selective logging.