How Many Calories in Fecal Bacteria?

Well, ick. Tom Laskawy, a media and tech guy who blogs for and at his own site, Beyond Green Blog, pulled up a study indicating high levels of coliform  bacteria in – wait for it – soda fountains. Soda fountains. The study, conducted by microbiologists at Hollins University, also found E. coli and other bugs.

Ninety beverages of three types (sugar sodas, diet sodas and water) were obtained from 20 self-service and 10 personnel-dispensed soda fountains, analyzed for microbial contamination, and evaluated with respect to U.S. drinking water regulations. A follow-up study compared the concentration and composition of microbial populations in 27 beverages collected from 9 soda fountain machines in the morning as well as in the afternoon.

The critters were also found in the machines’ ice although levels never exceed drinking water standards. Do bacteria add calories to the diet soda?


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