School Lunches Under Increasing Scrutiny

When the food kids find at fast food joints turns out to be safer and – arguably – healthier than the stuff they’re served in school cafeterias, there’s a problem.

Photo: Jared Richardson, Stock.xchng

A good chili-cheese dog is a noble thing; it may not be the best option for school lunches, however.

School lunches have been coming under increasing scrutiny the past couple of years; momentum for change is coming even faster. While parents put more pressure on school officials to change their menus to healthier options, those officials are forced to contend with shrinking budgets that prevent them from offering the better foods parents for which parents are clamoring.

With only about a dollar budgeted per student, food choices are limited. Many schools don’t even bother to prepare lunches anymore, preferring the cheaper alternative of contracting out their lunch programs to companies whose primary concern is how to make a buck rather than providing healthy meals. Of course, not only parents are raising their voices: students are getting involved, too.


One Response to “School Lunches Under Increasing Scrutiny”

  1. Chuck Jolley Says:

    Why is this a surprise to people? A government subsidized program buying surplus foods at the lowest possible price? Next step in the progression of this thing – inspect the prep areas and ask the lunch ladies how much training they have.

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