The debate over raw milk

Dairy Reporter has published a two-part series about the raging debate over raw milk. While fans of raw milk can seem almost fanatical in their enthusiasm for the product, attributing to it everything from better taste to almost magical healing powers, conventional producers are just as adamant in their opposition to the stuff. Conventional milk producers insist raw milk is dangerous for public consumption, and that pasteurized milk is just as good – if not better – for use in cheese making and other products. Reporter Neil Merrett wrote both stories.


What's all the commotion about? (Photo: Stock.xchng)

Part 1 – Amidst debate over allowing the sale of raw milk in a growing number of US states, some processors remain unconvinced that there are any potential benefits for either consumers or manufacturers in turning away from pasteurised dairy. Full story

Part 2 – As dairy farmers around the globe continue to raise concerns over the declining value of their products, unpasteurised milk is being touted as one solution to generate added value and profitability, albeit amongst staunch opposition from some manufacturers. Full story


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