Your Recall Hit Parade

Two of the usual offenders are among the items listed in this week’s recall list: ground meat and sprouts. A single pound of ground beef can contain parts from dozens of animals, as well as fecal matter. In the industrial feed lots from which nearly all our commercially sold meat comes, cattle live out their days in grassless pens, standing or lying about in manure. It only takes a little to contaminate thousands of pounds of meat.


One of the products recalled by Paisano Meats.

Sprouts, popular and nutritious, have one unfortunate trait in common with many food borne bacteria: they require exactly the same growing conditions. Sprouts are grown in warm, moist conditions which happen, coincidentally, to be the perfect growing conditions for the likes of Listeria and Salmonella.

Massachusetts sprouts recalled
Sprouts are being recalled in several northeastern states after a sampling turned up Listeria monocytogenes. Chang Farm is recalling bean and soy sprouts in 10-pound and 12-ounce bags sold in stores Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. So far, there have been no reported illnesses. Additional information

Southern California meat products
Paisano Meat, Inc. is recalling about 350,000 pounds of its beef and pork products because they may contain unlisted sulfites. Sulfites are used as a preservative in many foods; you probably recognize the term from their use on dried fruits and in wine where they’re used to prevent discoloration and bacterial growth, and to inhibit fermentation. Sulfites can be dangerous for people with asthma and may cause allergy-like reactions in others. Distributed to stores, food service institutions, and lunch wagons throughout southern California, the recall includes eight different products. Additional information

44 ground beef products recalled
Valley Meats LLC is recalling nearly 100,000 pounds of assorted ground beef products because they may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. The recall effects 44 products sold under the following brands: 3S, Grillmaster, J&B, Klub, Thick ‘N Savory, Ultimate, as well as those sold without a specific brand name. Illnesses were reported in Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Additional information


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