How annoying can one food trend be?

Quite, annoying, actually, but judging by the popularity of Bacon Today (“Daily Updates on the World of Sweet, Sweet Bacon”) many people would disagree with that opinion. There’s little doubt of the site’s founders’ enthusiasm for cured side pork, however, and plenty on the site to whet the appetite of all but the most zealous anti-porkists.

At a time when the Internet is awash in recipes for bacon chocolate chip cookies, candied bacon, and bacon Christmas ornaments, it can be reasonably argued that Bacon Today is filling a need.

Features currently include part two in a series about bacon cupcakes, why bacon shouldn’t be worshiped, a recipe for bacon-wrapped Turducken, and something about wrapping iPhones in bacon. Oh, there was also an inspiring piece about the British firefighters who rescued two pigs from a burning pen, thereby saving them from becoming bacon.


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